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The Lumactive Light Up Faux Fur Boa is made of incredibly soft faux fur and uses our unique motion sensing technology to analyze your arm positions in real time and create colorful LED patterns based on your individual movements.

Our soft faux fur feels great to touch!

Soft acrylic faux fur looks and feels great!

Control the light show by moving your arms

Control the light show just by moving your arms

The Lumactive Difference

Other light up faux fur boas use traditional LEDs that can blink, flash, or fade. Premium LED boas use LED RGB pixels in order to create patterns of color. The Lumactive Light Up Faux Fur Boa takes it all a step further, with 60 powerful LED pixels, two movement sensors, and an intelligent computer that analyzes your body movements and gives you control over the dazzling displays it produces.

Long battery life, the softest faux fur available, and quality construction handmade in Portland, OR


The super soft faux fur boa is 2 meters long and has three different modes. The boa is powered by a rechargeable USB battery (included) which lasts over 8 hours. There are motion sensors on each end of the boa, and a button on one end allows you to change modes without missing a beat. It requires no practice to use, is super interactive, and will make you the main attraction at any festival or event!

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Three Amazing Modes

Dots – Colored dots bounce around as if gravity was pulling on them. Move the ends of the boa to control them and shake the ends to make them pop!

Rainbow Flow – A rainbow flows down the boa. Tilt the ends of the boa and you control the direction and speed of the flow.

Flames – Flames come up from the end of the boa. Shake the ends to create sparks, tilt the ends to make the flames rise.

This popular product sells out frequently so buy today and make a spectacular entrance at your next event!



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